Domain Parking and How it Works – Short

Domain Parking

if you are holding a domain or domains that are gaining the traffic you might want to consider parking these domains. This way you can earn some extra money, well this depends if your traffic is going to convert and how much traffic you are getting.

Domain Parking Services

There are a lot of domain parking services and we have compiled a list for you. This list contains parking services we have not tried yet so we can’t promise you which ones are the best or if some of them are still providing the good results they did before.



Bodis is a domain parking platform that helps users earn money from their unused parked domains.



Afternic’s domain parking and monetization platform is used by domain owners to serve ads on idle pages and earn easy revenue.


ParkingCrew is a domain monetization system that features a number of tools to ensure the highest earning for users through domain parking. is a domain parking system that allows domain owners to make money from their domains by using the pay-per-click advertisements.

UniRegistry ParkingUniregistry

Uniregistry is a completed domain parking and selling service that allows users to enlist some or all pages of their domains for parking to earn money with them.


Fabulous domain registration and parking service includes expert tools for users to effectively manage their domains, sales and parking.



CashParking is a popular domain monetization service by It allows domain…



These are just a couple of parking solutions for more you can find a big list right here all credits to

Another parking service to look into is but the downside with Zeropark is that even thought zeropark tries everything to block “blackhat traffic”, they can’t block it all so there is a chance your domains might get blacklisted or a bad reputation.

My domain parking story

After reading and looking for reviews I decided to go with Bodis for parking my domains, what I did at first is listing all domains I had in the beginning to see which domains actually make a decent amount of money. I then moved all domains to DAN landing page, now with Bodis you can combine and parking revenue and selling the domain on at the same time.

Here are some of my stats with Bodis.

Bodis Parking stats

As you can see it is not a lot of money but for example was doing decent and as well, the plus side you can still add your domains to and so you get a wide network range that your domain is for sell, but you won’t have a well designed lander where people can place their bids so this is something for you to figure out.

In fact I removed almost all the domains from Bodis as it just was not worth it, but I do want to mention a case where it was worth it.

I found a domain for sale on, the domain was and it does not show in the stats above but it made around 600 bucks in a matter of months but as of writing this the traffic started dropping but with GTA 6 coming up and GTA 5 having a new version for the next gen consoles traffic is picking up again but this time i decided a blog out of it, which can be found here GTA MONEY.



A domain like will not be sold that easily so I can’t be bothered adding a for sale landing page on it and in that case it is worth keeping it parked. Another tip in case people are still interested is not using privacy on your domains that you park so that people can still reach out to you.

But in a lot of cases parking options provide you with a small link in the footer that says something like “this domain is for sale”.

Anyway unless you have a keyword rich domain with a lot of traffic from type ins the parking income will be low and not worth it. With keyword rich domains i am talking about insurance, health etc the clicks on those will make you a lot more money. You can get 15$ for one click or even more.

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