A strange way to promote your hotel business

Promote your Hotel Business

So, most hotel/ rooms promotion is rather straightforward on Facebook for example with the room, hotel amenities, and other visuals with a book now button.

We would like to talk about a rather ‘strange’ way of promoting hotel rooms or even your Airbnb.

I am sure you have heard or heard of the website Buzzfeed and seen some of their “top 22 (something) lists”, well that is kind of the basis of what we are going to explain here.

Example top list advertisement

For example: this list contains 9 Photo stories that will challenge your view of the world, now what if we change this list to something hotel related, and this is where your attention is required.

Imagine some of the following titles as examples

  • The top 9 hotels you need to experience when visiting Bali (can target any country).
  • The op 9 hotels in the world you should stay in at least once.
  • The top 6 hotels that provide the most value for your money.
  • The top 7 most visited hotels in Bali (can target any country).
  • The top 8 wildest hotels you will ever see.
  • 6 hotels with the best views in Bali
  • The top 12 Weirdest Hotel Rooms in Bali
  • The top 7 most stunning Airbnb in Bali you will ever see.


And these headlines are just the basics, get creative and make up your own headlines and of course split test them and so forth but this article is just aiming at angles/concepts and no in-depth information.

Now you will need a website and obviously we are going to recommend a traveling website in the region of the hotel, and if you are going to use Facebook, which is perfect for this you are also going to need a traveling type Facebook page for your promotion.

(This also works perfect on native ads) 

Native Ads

Not what you want to do is create a post with the top list related to your headline. In this post as you guessed you can place the hotel you are promoting. People will probably never know you are promoting that hotel as this is pure soft selling.

This way of advertising will most likely not get the most reservations per visit (CTA, CPL) but because of the type of “click bait” ad you are using your click rate on your advertisements will be ten times if not a hundred times higher for the same budget you would directly promoting your hotel/Airbnb

What about the ads?

Will also this is rather straight forward but with a little trick.

Your ads should have the headline, let’s this this one for example:

  • The top 9 hotels you need to experience when visiting Bali (can target any country).

Now the trick here is going to be in your ad text which will not only get a higher CTR on your ads but also more eyeballs on the hotel you are promoting.

Example ad: You need to experience these 9 hotels in your life at least once! Hotel #5 is absolutely amazing.

As you can see #5 would be your hotel.

Want some extra money?

The other 8 hotels you are going to list in your article can also be promoted as affiliate!

Simply put, affiliate programs, also called associate programs, are arrangements in which an online merchant Web site pays affiliate Web sites a commission to send them traffic. These affiliate Web sites post links to the merchant site and are paid according to a particular agreement.

I am sure you know the services such as Booking, Hotels.com or Agoda, they all give you a % of the hotel bookings they get from your traffic.

And that’s all folks, leave your questions in the comments…


Martijn van Eijk

P.S. This concept can be used for so many other ways such as promoting your own gadgets, books, eBooks or even Domains. Absolute endless industries.

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