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You got some serious luck ending up on this page as SMS marketing is probably the hottest affiliate source that still works. I have been running Facebook, Google ads for years and nothing was as easy as making insane ROIS with Facebook, from weight loss to sweeps and totally destroying it with the casino game.

I personally wrote many angles that made a lot of you filthy rich. and these results were pretty standard back in the days.

But things became both hard with Facebook accounts, different ROIS, and a lot more but on top of that my health. I came to a point where I was drinking one or two vodka bottles (now own the website ironically).

Not eating as well obviously turned into some serious health issues such as pancreatitis, becoming a diabetic type 1, and having a heart failure.  Everything kind of hit me at once and stayed out of the affiliate game for 3 years or even longer? I am not even sure myself.

During the time of still doing hundreds of thousands on Facebook ads, I decided to invest in domain names, just for the fun of it like a hobby but still with the intention to make profits in the long run so I collected domains like,,,, and so much more, which you can see here if you want too:

And as of now still selling domains and building websites but never got back into affiliate marketing, so much had changed it seemed like micromanagement. Invested in CRYPTO as well, basically to sum it up while being sick outsourcing websites and content, investing in domains and holding and moving some coins which did not require much energy of me, but yet helped me not to go bankrupt in the meanwhile.

Ok, enough about me. Time for the future which is SMS marketing.

The concept is simple right?

When you think of SMS marketing is that

  1. You need a list of fresh phone numbers.
  2. You need software or a service to send SMS to these lists.
  3. You need good SMS messages related to your landing page and angle.
  4. Well yeah you need a Angle and the right offers.


But there is so much in-between to make it work, if it was this simple anyone could do it right? And this post would not have to be passport protected. There are always and always the little things in-between that can make such a huge difference, you can’t just copy this.

I was sending out some tests for the last few days and  these where some of the results:

Decided to scale up a bit and these are the results for today 01/04/2020 (Not going to give you useless outdated crap stats)

SMS Marketing

Yes, this is still new to me but when I feel something working and it works right off the bat and it’s been a few weeks I know it can be a too the moon piece of creative work. SMS marketing is the real deal but that of course depends on the offers you work with.

Update 1 April 2022:

things have been going well and I am slowly scaling the campaigns, learned a lot more and one thing that stood out the most is when you are sending SMS messages the providers will no matter what block your text sometimes, pretty much means that your SMS text is not passing the filter.

So for example:

Dear John, please claim your gift. should be written as

Dear John, please cla1m (or cla!m) your g1ft.

Updated SMS Marketing Stats
Updated SMS Marketing Stats April 2022


What about timing?

Another small update and some more tricks on April the 2nd.

Scaling SMS Marketing 2nd April
Scaling SMS Marketing 2nd April

And the cost for this campaign can be seen here.

So in this case I spend a total of 130 EURO (around $363 usd) to make a total of $531, which is pretty decent.

As you can see the revenue and conversion rates are a lot better now, it’s weekend and people got more time to check their phone and take action. this SMS blast was made around 5 AM Washington time zone, so people basically woke up to the text messaged I sent to them. Turns out this was just perfect, but this was also due to it being the weekend.

Normally you want to avoid sending your SMS messages around breakfast, lunch and dinner. After more tests I can conclude that the best timing to sent your SMS messages is between 8 to 10 PM Washington time. People would have just finished dinner and more time to check their phone and take action, however there is no perfect USA timing as the time difference is so huge there.

However if you have a database of phone numbers and you have a list based on what state the numbers are in you can be a lot more precise to aim for 8 to 9 PM night time.


Here is another small update on the 7th of April and it about tracking. 

I decided to start tracking the campaigns to find out what is converting the best and also to split test landing pages. There are a lot of trackers available but I decided to go for Voluum Tracker. I have used this tracker for many years back in the days so luckily I still know how it all works, because it takes a little bit of time if you are new to any tracker.

The cool thing with tracking is that you can easily add a new landing page and rotate different offers as well.

the first thing I decided to look at is how much traffic is coming from which carrier.

mobile carrier sms marketing

Other is something I can’t figure out but what you can see is that T-Mobile is doing great, so in the SMS service I am allowed to ONLY target certain carriers so now I am just running T-Mobile.

The above stats do not show everything but I tested Verizon, AT&T and so many more carriers but for some reason the text messages just did not arrive which could be a problem with the SMS routes.

Please look here to learn more about Routes:

Then I looked at the landing pages and it clearly shows that the landing page Status 03 does way and way better.

SMS Landing Pages

So I obviously decided to turn that landing page off as this resulted in a lot more revenue, and the next plan is to keep adding more landing pages until I find one that does better the status 03 landing page.

Is SMS marketing still hot?

SMS marketing has always been huge and back in the days it was used a lot and it came to a breaking point their people were getting so many “spam” messages that the open rates and clicks got lower and lower.

But now that people Expect messages from Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and so forth SMS messages are being taken much more seriously again now. When people get a text message nowadays they will be like wtf? Well at least that is me.



This right here is all sweepstakes, but what I am not going to do again is giving away free methods, free angles and all that. I have been fighting for my life for the last couple of years but I am not going to charge money but I will get commission from the network you pretty much need to sign up with.

If you are interested in learning the in-between secrets and making some good money I recommend getting in contact with me.


Final update/ Monday, 3 June

Decided to stop “helping” and more so considering people in the SMS space to brain storm with. Here are some of the last results I have been getting, and going to blast this to the moon.  The results below became very normal, on the road to 10k per day.


Contact information (I prefer Skype)


Skype: marley.van

Telegram: @seventy701


If you know me from years ago by the name of Martin or 70times1 Limited you would know that I normally give angles and campaigns like these away for free and I still am but this time I am going to use commission I can get from the companies I work with for this SMS marketing method.

Simply put, you are going to need 5 things.

  • The network I work with because their offers are the best
  • Databases with phone numbers that actually work (given to you for free, normally you would pay thousands for them)
  • A service provider to send thousands of SMS per day which I will teach you how to use.
  • What SMS text works and what will be blocked (Wasting hundreds of dollars otherwise)
  • The angle including landing pages. (Some tweaked and some made 100% myself)


Sounds fair? I think so?


Disclaimer: For this method you need to spend money to make money, so you are going to need at least a couple hundred bucks. If you don’t have this kind of money to spend please do not bother contacting me.

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